Pyramid Power Supply PS26KX Instant Auto Reset ?

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Hell all.
My brother and I are looking for some much needed help with our Pyramid Regulated DC Power Supply Model # PS26KX.

We bought it back in 5/2011 and have it running a 4 lane 1:24 slot car track. It has been working fine until today.
The overloadf alarm started going off (beeping & flashing LED). The manual says it should auto reset but it will not. We disconnected all leads, unplugged it and then re-plugged it in and alarm still sounds. We took the fuse out and then no alarm at all but once we put fuse back in alarm goes off.
Fan is running.
Dose anyone have any ideas on what we might be missing? The manual just says it will reset itself and no troubleshooting tips if it dosen't.

Thank you for your time.


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It's broken. It needs to be taken apart and repaired, or better yet, find that it has a 1 year warranty and send it back to the manufacturer.