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As I am new to electronics,, I would not know what thee circuit would be titled. It is an idea in my head I'd like to attempt and test,
I have been messing around with HHO production for about 5 years,, "thats how I came to enjoy electronics" I want to build a PWM that utilizes the 555 but on the output pin "3" , controls BOTH a NPN and a PNP Mosfet going to a cell. I would like it to be TOTALLY off when the opposing is ON and need too, Because of financial limitations have protection from frying the circuit should timing somehow become messed up.

What I am attempting is peaking the voltage/current from 0 to say +12V and the voltage/current from 0 to say the same -12V so as to have equalization if shown on the O-scope,,up down up ect.
I believe this to be the same as an inverter,,correct? but as stated can't afford blowing up parts. Thanks ALL, in advance, Ed


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I am afraid you have come to the wrong place. HHO is a taboo subject here, though PWM is OK. I have written several articles on PWM in general.

Pulse Width Modulation

LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers

Chapter 5

You can discuss basic electronics all you wish, but if you mention HHO I suspect you will find the thread closed quickly. It is a policy I basically agree with, for what it is worth, since overunity and perpetual motion of any sort are scams.

There are good scientific reasons for this opinion, and electronics is based on hard science, you will find the people into one are into the other.


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That is correct. Free energy is not possible, and our experience with members who wish to make a device based on Stan Meyers or any of his ilk have been very much a waste of time. Please see Terms of Service .
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