1. cool_breeze441

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    Aug 25, 2008
    I am working on a project that requires a PWM. The Pwm I have in mind is one that can withstand around 40amps, and about 50+/- volts. I only have highschool knowledge when it comes to electronics, yet I am very mechanically inclined and learn pretty darn fast. I am looking for someone kind enough to basically hold my hand in this process. I need a list of materials and a basic schematic. The more simple the better. No need to get overly complicated. Thanks alot. If anyone wants to help please email me cool_breeze441@earthlink.net. By the way, the project I am engaging in is the production of browns gas, HHO, whatever anyone prefers to call it. Again thanks alot-and togather I believe as americans with our amazing know how we can solve or atleast combat the energy crisis. Lets bankrupt those greedy ass oil companies!
  2. SgtWookie


    Jul 17, 2007
    We don't generally work that way - E-mailing offlist.

    There have been numerous discussions on "HHO generation" schemes. While it is indeed possible to generate small quantities of "Brown's Gas" using electrolysis, the power consumed generating the very small quantities of gas negates the benefits one might otherwise reap.

    All of the experienced members around here are extremely skeptical the claims made by numerous "snake-oil" salesmen trolling the Internet, just waiting to lighten the wallets of those desperate enough to be sucked in by their empty promises.

    I have yet to see any scientific proof that ANY of the devices on the market, or being built in workshops around the planet, actually result in even moderate fuel savings.

    Now if you would like to know about scientific research in hydrogen production, here are some links that are actually credible: