PWM output override.. (pic184431)

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    Sep 26, 2011

    I didn't understand how to use this modes. Before this, I try to generate several ordinary pwm signals just by using the modes PWM_FREE_RUN and for pwm pins PWM_COMPLEMENTARY for every modules..and of course it is work very well. But then, in my project I need pwm signals with the phase sequence as we can see in datasheet subtopic 17.10.3. So then, in datasheet it said that we must used pwm override in order to get this signals. But when I simply put this mode together with the mode PWM_FREE_RUN, it doesn't work and just displays the signals the same as earlier. After that, I try to change the syntax setup_power_pwm(PWM_FREE_RUN 1, 0, POWER_PWM_PERIOD, 0, 0,63); to set_power_pwm_override(1,true,1); But it display nothing. Am I wrong? I am very grateful if somebody can explain to me about these modes..:confused: