PWM module in PIC - Is program access possible?

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I'm working on the PIC18F2550. I require more than 2 PWM output, while only two modules are available. So I'm wondering if the PWM output can be accessed in software, so that I can process it, do some changes and then disperse different outputs through port pins.

In which register does the PWM output reflect? Or should I hadwire the PWM output pin to one of the port input pins and then read it?

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You should really go to a different microcontroller. Otherwise, you're going to burn up all of your CPU time just turning a port on and off.

As an alternative, you might consider building an external PWM circuit using discrete components - but your parts count and costs will skyrocket while your flexibility takes a nosedive.

In the 16-bit MCUs, the PIC30F and PIC33F series have 0, 2, 4, and 8 standard PWM outputs, depending upon the specific model.
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