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    Feb 18, 2012
    Hello everyone!
    I have a problem. I am using dspic 30f4011 to control motor. in the forward direction, I use PWM1H pin PWM mode, pin PWM1L=0. In the reserve direction, I use PWM1L in PWM mode, pin PWM1H=0. but pin PWM1H doesn't operation, only pin PWM1L operation. So motor only run counterclockwise. i use IC L298 to control. INT1 interrupt routine to change direction.
    Thank everyone!

    void PWM_Init(){
    PWMCON1 = 0x0100; // disable PWMs mode ve sau chon PWM1H,PWM1L
    OVDCON = 0x0200; // allow control using OVD chan PWM1H DUOC DIEU KHIEN
    PDC1 = MAX_PWM; ;// duty cycle 50%
    SEVTCMP = PTPER; // special trigger is 16 period values
    PWMCON2 = 0x0F00; // 16 postscale values
    PTCON = 0x8000;// BAT PWM
    void __attribute__((__interrupt__,__auto_psv__)) _INT1Interrupt(void){
    Flag.DIRECTION= !Flag.DIRECTION; // forward direction
    if(Flag.DIRECTION) OVDCON=0x0200; // pwm1H
    else OVDCON= 0x0100;