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  1. Robin Mitchell

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    Oct 25, 2009
    PWM Generator - Only £2.99

    (Made and sold in the UK)


    • Generate a PWM Square wave
    • 0 - 100% duty cycle
    • Variable frequency
    • Maximum supply voltage of 32V!
    • Use for servos and other motor/dimmer applications
    • Affordable to all

    Kit Manual

    Download the manual here:


    Adjusting the speed of a motor or changing the brightness of a bulb can sometimes be a challenge without PWM. While a resistor can be used to reduce the current to such devices it results in large amounts of power dissipation as well as potential fire risks from the heat generator. The solution? Pulse Width Modulation! This kit will let you construct your very own pulse width modulation generator which can be used in many projects of your own!
    Visit for low cost electronic kits and proto-typing PCB services all UK based!

    Our kits are made using the MitchElectronics low cost PCB proto-typing service. As a result we can sell kits at low prices while still offering quality products.
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    Jan 18, 2008
    Nicely done. For future consideration, some early hobbyist servos had Vdd such that when a 3-pin connector is reversed, you destroyed the servo. Almost all hobby servos now have Vdd as the center pin, so they are relatively immune from connector polarity problems.

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