PWM Diversion Regulator

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    Sep 22, 2009

    I am thinking of a new project - a wind turbine powering a series of immersion heaters in my heat bank store (Big hot water cylinder).

    The voltage and the current changes in relation to the turbine speed (as per 1kW turbine data -
    If too bigger load is connected the turbine will stall and not rotate.
    What I would like to do is to be able to sense the power output from the turbine and then to direct the power to an appropriately sized immersion heater element. I have provision in the heatbank cylinder for up to 3 immersion heaters.

    For example: For the 24Volt 1kW turbine I could have a 300watt and a 600watt immersion heater. When the power from the turbine is around 300watt I would like to connect the power to the 300watt immersion heater. When the power is about 600watt the power should be directed to the 600watt immersion heater. When the power is about 900watt the power should be directed to both the immersion heaters.

    I would be most pleased if you could give guidance on suggestions on how to proceed.

    The technique used at the moment is to have a battery bank (at least 200+ Amp/hour) and a charge controller. When the batteries are fully charged the immersion heater is then connected to the turbine via the batteries.

    Any ideas of a solution would be appreciated.

    Regards John