PWM charge controller

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    Jul 12, 2009
    I've got a newbie question to which i haven't got a satisfactory answer from anywhere yet:

    Does a PWM charge controller have a range of input voltages and give an almost constant output voltage while varying current, almost keeping the total output power equal to the total input power??

    For example, suppose i need to charge a PbA battery at 13.5V and the charge controller is fed an input of 10V 6A (60W) , or 16V 20A (320W) , will it give an output of around 13.5V 4.4A (around 60W) or 13.5V 23.7W (around 320W) for the first and second cases respectively??

    If not, is there any way this can be done??

    Any help or knowledge is appreciated..

    Thanks in advance!
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