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    May 15, 2014

    Im currently creating a little home project for my car. I am using a rotary sensor to monitor position in my engine. This application i can use for multiply areas on my car. im a little bit stuck. I have designed my circuit but not built it yet. It operating angle is around +/-30 degrees, The output of my sensor is PWM. There will be a 0 position and 30 degrees of rotation in either direction. The signal is a 12bit PWM signal.
    I need to select a gauge that will operate from the PWM signal with a needle to show 0 position and plus or minus 30 degrees of rotation. If i set my the position i am measuring at 0 degrees and the output of the sensor is say 2 degrees out is there a way i can design something on the output signal that can give an offset adjustment. Also lets say if the angle actually rotates +/- 33 degrees is there a way i can have gain adjustment on my PWM signal so that the gauge reads +/-30 degrees when really it has travelled +/-30 degrees.
    This is my first PWM project as for previous project i have used an analogue +-10 V signal and that is very easy to adjust the span /gain and also have 0 position offset.

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