Puzzling about LM741

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Hi . I checked around on how to do an inverting amplifier but on simulation and on practical, step-by-step, I don't seem to get the "correct" signal from it . I wonder what could went wrong



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What do you imagine the correct signal is?

The 741 is only specified for bipolar operation with +/-15 VDC applied. Check the data sheet. The design was done in 1968 and has not been changed.

You have the non-inverting input to ground through 10K, and a gain of 1 as set by R1 & 2. The inverting input has +12 volts applied, so the output should be -12 volts.

However, pin 4 is tied to ground, so the output can't swing negative. Even if you supply -12 volts, the output can't swing much past 10 volts. Read the data sheet.