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    Jan 30, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    Here i am with what may be a simple question for many of you, but for me it's giving me a headache :D

    I want to make a simple circuit that when pushing a Push Switch button activates power to a device untill the power is lost, or untill the button is pushed again!

    To explain better what i want, i have putted front parking distance control on my car and i arranged to get the buttons group that has factory button installed on the center console, but it's a push switch that normally would be used with the PDC's own ECU, thing i dont intend to buy because of don't thinking it isn't worth the money it costs.. so i managed to give power to the front pdc through it, but it only gives power while i'm pushing the button, as soon as i release it, it turns off..

    what i intend to do is that when the push switch button is pressed it turns the pdc on untill the power is lost (the car ignition ACC is turned off) or untill i push the button again..

    so instead of using the power switch on the center console to power the pdc, i want to use it to turn on the circuit that activates the PDC, circuit which as said before, will turn off if the button is pressed again or is resetted to off when i turn off the car and it loses the power from the ACC line that will be powering the circuit!
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    Jul 17, 2007
    This should do it for you:


    RLY1 can be a SPST N.O. relay.
    Don't forget that you must use a suitably rated fuse. Use heat shrink tubing for insulation. Don't use "electrical tape", it will soften and fall off.
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    Jan 30, 2010
    Thanks SgtWookie! ;) you gave me a quick answer and a sollution on a row!

    I will try this circuit as soon as i buy the SPST relay!

    It's good to have a sollution for this!

    Thank you very much :)