pure sine wave inverter problem

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Dear members, I have designed full bridge rectifier for pure sine wave inverter using microcontroller and IR2110. I give 12 V to ir2110 , in start i give 12 V DC to drain of mosfet , worked well with good sine wave , then i have increased voltage to 30 V and then to 60 V , everything fine ( good output sine wave ). Then i have tried to give 300 V DC to drain of mosfet. but mine circuit blown :( , i have tried this many times but mine circuit always blown for high voltage ... work well for 60-70 V DC when i have used power supply . any help plz plz .
Mosfet : irf 3205
Driver ic : ir2110
capacitor : 33 UF and then also of higher values .
Can anyone plz plz help me



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Did you read the datahseet? The drain-source breakdown voltage for that MOSFET is only guaranteed to be ≥55V. I think 300V is expecting a lot.


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A "pure sine wave" inverter is a real hard thing to build, that's why you don't see many. I gave rritesh this file but he never even looked at it. Maybe it will help you. It is for a "pure sine wave" inverter and goes through the process of designing one, so you can scale it to any size you need. Hope it helps you.

For some reason the file won't upload right now. So here's the link, and I'll try an upload later.

Edit... for some reason I can't get the site to accept the file. Will start a new thread to ask why.
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heres the file shortbus was trying to upload.... you wont be able to upload the file because of the pdf file size restrictions......its only just over the max file size
just tried a page as a test