Pulse synchronization circuit

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    Jun 13, 2012
    Hi All,

    I'd like to build a circuit to synchronise a camera with an LED light source. Both of these devices accept TTL pulses. I have attached a figure of the synchronisation I want to achieve.
    What I intend to do is input a TTL pulse (0-5V) at frequency f up to 3kHz (from a function generator).
    The circuit should have 3 outputs:
    1. Output 1 is the input signal
    2. Output 2 is a signal of frequency f/2, duty cycle 5-10% at a delay Δt1 (100 us to 20 ms) from output 1
    3. Output 3 is the same as output 2 at a delay Δt2 (order 2-6us) from output 2

    I would like to have the freedom to vary the time delays, duty cycle and f. The time delays have to be fairly accurate as well.

    Is a circuit based on a 555 timer the way forward?
    I am new to electronics, so any help/hint would be much appreciated.