Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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I am trying to make a Pulse Induction Metal Detector however am unsure in the best approach in either using a little electronics and a micro controller or doing it without a micro controller, can anyone recommend an approach or a good information source.


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That 's the first time I have heard of that system, it is interesting.

It does not look like it needs anything exotic component-wise, but you will definitely need a reasonable oscilloscope to monitor the 'transmit' current pulse waveform and decay time. If you can get a really clean, sharp cut-off the rest should be relatively easy.

I'd start with a basic sample-and-hold amp for the receive side, on an adjustable delay.

Once you get the basics going, you could always add a PIC or similar with an LCD to give a display & adjustable delay times for discrimination or 'echo' waveform graphic.