Pulling specified Voltage/Amps from USB-C

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Hello all. First post, and I hope I'm in the right place.

Long story short, I have some led strips that normally draw power from a car battery, or large AGM via battery clamps. Well, I'm tired of having to carry around large heavy batteries. For Christmas, the wife got me a Ravpower Portable charger that has 2 USB ports and a USB-C port. Spec on the USB-C output says it will do 15V/2A. The draw on my lights are 12V/2A. I could probably get away with 10.5 or 11.

Anyway, I've been looking high and low for a way to go from USB-C to 12V. The only thing I've seen is a small adapter on eBay that converts C to a barrel jack but, I've read that it will only put out 5v because of the way USB-C "detects" the device it is hooked up to and adjusts the voltage accordingly. I think that if there isn't a cable or product that allows you to do so, developing one would be a great idea. Especially for someone like me who has so many uses for 12v (lights, mobile drone charging, cpap machine) but, doesn't want to be limited to large batteries or Portable chargers with the 12v barrel already in them.

So, if anyone has any ideas as to where to begin to look for a solution to my problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Don't know where you're getting information on USB. ports supplying anything other than 5V +/- 10%.

Any device supplying a different voltage shouldn't be using a USB connector.