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    Nov 21, 2013
    Hey all,
    just recently joined hopefully looking forward to learn a lot of things from all users and experts..anywayz my main project is that there is a motor which is connected to a pulley..as the motor rotates..the pulley rotates doing whatever it needs to do... the motor is set that it records 100 rotation per minute anywayz...however whenever there is a load shedding or whenever electricity shuts down in plant...the whole circuit shuts..and the motor needs to start all over again. also one of companys member has to check the result every 3hours..to check how much rotations has occured.

    my 1st task is that.is there any way the rotations can be send wirelessly to his serial monitor in his office..so that he does not need to go every 3hours to check...i was thinking of using RF modules for wireless transmittion...any ideas of how i can initiate my project...

    my 2nd task is that whenver load shedding occurs..is there any way it can send an alert to the office..,maybe blink an led..or perhaps.send a messege stating dat electricty has been shut or smething along dat line...

    Thank you
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    Jan 21, 2013
    All of what you ask is possible but are you sure, given your apparent level of knowledge, you should be messing with industrial control systems?
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