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    In your area you should take the time to find out
    where the jobs are,If you are working a job you
    don't like or below your education degree you need
    to explore a better future. The states have so many
    unemployed people that they are going to companies
    and offering free employment screening,In return they
    request that they give them the jobs to advertise.If
    you have noticed the newpapers have only jobs like
    call centers and a few ads that don't know about the
    big picture. If you have a job,you are at a disadvanage
    for a better job. The unemployed can go the state
    work force center,If you are unInformed they will have
    you go the bank of computers and search for low level
    jobs. If you want find agood position you have ask for
    a employment specialist,they are behind closed doors.
    They have all the hi-tech jobs,you have to ask for this
    service,In return you will have give real resume that
    states your real back ground,you have to submit
    to all types of test. The new employers want your
    background checked In all areas. There are jobs out
    that members of this forum are educated for you just
    need to know where they are In your area. If you are
    willing to go International there lots of jobs with all
    the big companies that talked about on this forum,
    If you have the background and concise reply to
    to the requirement,just state that you can do the job.
    The company will do the rest,the less said the better
    Your application will only get brief review,they will be
    looking at the question they asked In the Ads.