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alan carr

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i hav a pt 100 4 wire probe. its got no information wit it at all just two white and two red wires i know tihs prob sounds stupid to u guys but is there any way i can find out which is V+ V- and the rest plz help first timer not sure what i got myself into


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PT100 is a common temperature transducer. It comes available in a variety of interface options, so you need to give the part number. Could be 4-20mA, 0-5V, etc.



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If it's just a bare probe, the leads may be for Kelvin measurement. Two wires carry the current, and the other pair are for the measurement device. The way to check is to place an ohmmeter on the leads. If I am correct, the reds should read shorted, same for white. The resistive element is not polarity sensitive.