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I am also having a similar problem
I downloaded the student version 9.1
though I was able to draw the circuit in orcad I was unable to simulate it in pspice, I followed the instructions from a guide and the part that I can't seem to get past is trying to create new project in pspice
I input the name in the name field
input none in the inherit field and by clicking create, nothing happens, the guide says that a dialoge box is suppose to appear after I click create, but no dialog screen appears, nothing seems to happen.
I'm wondering if I installed the program wrong or something.

what are the requirements for this program?is there some special way you need to install it?


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Hi, won't be very usefull here, I am just having the same problem. I don't even have the possibility to choose none in inherit field, there is just browse button next to it (it's not a combo box where I can choose something),,,
I've tryed to reinstal the program with no change.
Hope someone knows: