PSPICE Simulation of BJT-plotting for different values of parameters

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I have got homework simulating characteristics of bjt in Common base , Common emitter, Common collector mode.
I was simulating output characteristics of common base mode using:
npn transistor-Q2
current source- I1 attached to emitter
base grounded
collector attached to dc voltage source- V1

I ran a DC sweep by varying V1 from -0.5v to+5v and put current marker at collector pin.
I set the value of current source I1 at 2microAmperes.
On running the simulation I got a plot beteen collector current and Vcb at a constant emitter current of 2microAmperes.

Now, I want to obtain curves for differnet values of I1 (emitter current)
in the same graph.
How can I do this? Please help. My friend told me to use the Trace option, but I dont understand what he said.