PSpice Schematics problem

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    Feb 11, 2012

    I have just started some work on PSPICE Schematics by OrCAD. I currently don't have a book and therefore for the basics I am relying on the net.

    So, while I was trying to analyse a normal diode i-v characteristics, I had some errors.

    I made my circuit (the normal one) with all wires properly attached. I did add the AGND (analog ground). When I did a DC Sweep from 0 to 10V with an increment of 1KOhm, I got the following error:

    floating pin r1 pin 2
    floating pin r1 pin 1
    (More of such floating pin errors...)

    And I am stuck on this.
    I tried to see other circuits but they looked exactly like mine.

    Thanks for helping. I hope somebody gives an answer to this seeming-to-be-a-silly-question which, at the moment, beats me.