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  1. Shylin George

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    Nov 21, 2012

    I have updated the L and W of the transistor in the schematics and i am getting the expected waveforms but In the simulation output file of pspice where the netlist is generated, the L & W values are updated at some places while they are not at the other.Can anyone please tell me why it is so?? I have added the netlist too and highlighted as //line//. The first L& W are the values that i have given.

    * Schematics Netlist *

    V_V1 $N_0001 0 5V
    V_V2 $N_0002 0
    +PULSE 0V 5V 0 1ns 1ns 20ns 40ns
    M_M1 $N_0003 $N_0002 0 0 MbreakN-X
    + L=1E-06 //line//
    + W=100E-06 //line//
    M_M2 $N_0001 $N_0002 $N_0003 $N_0001 MbreakP-X
    + L=1E-06
    + W=100E-06



    MbreakN-X MbreakP-X
    LEVEL 3 3
    TPG -1
    L 100.000000E-06 100.000000E-06 //line//
    W 100.000000E-06 100.000000E-06 //line//
    LD 100.000000E-09 100.000000E-09
    VTO .8 -.9
    KP 120.000000E-06 40.000000E-06
    GAMMA .5 .6
    PHI .7 .7
    LAMBDA 0 0
    IS 10.000000E-15 10.000000E-15
    JS 0 0
  2. WBahn


    Mar 31, 2012
    So.... where's the problem?

    Which transistor is "the" transistor? M1? Where didn't it update?

    If you are thinking that the MODEL for the MbreakN-X transistor should have been updated, think about that for just a minute longer. If you had five transistors, all using this model, that each had different widths and lengths, what would you expect the model to be "updated" to be?

    The MODEL is a default. Had you not provided a W and L, the values from the model would have been used. If you provide specific values for a given instance, they override the model's values for that particular transistor.
  3. Shylin George

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    Nov 21, 2012
    I needed to know why it doesn't get updated in the MOSFET model parameters or if they will not be updated at all?
  4. WBahn


    Mar 31, 2012
    Well, now you know! For the most part, the model provides the simulator with default values for various parameters, which individual instances may override with values specific to that instance. For some of the parameters, you can also override them globally in order to perform certain types of Monte Carlo simulations.
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