PSPICE check over work please!!!

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    Mar 18, 2012

    IC for inductor is 50/2 = 25A
    IC for capacitor is 25*1.5 = 37.5v

    After switch is immediately opened, this is what I have for my pspice file.

    Cb 2 0 636u IC=37.5A
    Lb 1 2 6.25m IC=25A
    Ra 1 2 .5
    Vs 1 0 DC 50v
    .TRAN 20u 120m 0s 20u UIC

    After running, my voltage for the inductor is a constant 50v whilst the voltage for the capacitor peaks at 62ish then eventually goes to 50v. Does this sound correct?

    Thanks in advanced!!!