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    Mar 8, 2011

    I have been tasked to analyse an op-amp given to me in PSPICE (or at least I think it is... Really the program says "design entry CIS"). I basically have no idea how to use the program at all. I have installed it and run the example, which gives a demonstration of the op-amp's slew rate by sending a rectangular pulse through an inverting amplifier set up, but if I try to add my own AC source for example, I only get the options to change it's amplitude and offset it seems (1Vac, 0vdc in boxes next to the component). If I double click I get it's 'property editor'... Which I don't understand the contents of.

    I would have thought when I added the ac source, it would allow me to choose square wave/sine wave freq. etc...

    Apart from the problem of not knowing how to work the program itself, I also don't know how to extract the data about the opamp:

    Static current consumption - I thought just tie all it's outputs to gnd, measure current going into power supply?
    Unity-gain frequency - When the frequency into opamp is so high it's gain is 1?
    Unity-gain phase margin driving a 10pF load
    Open-loop DC voltage gain - no feedback, measure voltage out through resistor to gnd?
    Power supply rejection ratio - no idea
    Input offset voltage - no idea
    Input capacitance - capacitance across V+ and V-?
    Output slew rate driving a 10pF load - think I can do... Vout goes through capacitor to ground?
    Input-referred voltage noise @ 1Hz & 1MHz - no idea

    So I have looked for tutorials and information to try and help. One thing I saw is that components in PSPICE are described by a "netlist", so I thought some of the things I wanted might be described there, but the description of the op -amp seems long and complicated.

    When it says 'AC sweep/noise", does this mean that the AC component in the schematic is increasing in frequency so you can look at the gain of the op-amp vs. frequency?

    Anyway, if anyone can help (especially with a pointer to online tutorials or something, as I need to use this for a project) that would be much much appreciated.