Pspice and MAtlab ebooks

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are there any ebooks/ notes frm which a pspice and matlab noob(me) can learn the same.. i hav no clue on both these topics..
i searched the net but didnt get anything for a beginer level..from scratch tutorial


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If you do a search over at MIT you can obtain a selection of Matlab tutorials (there are about 7), I can't remember fully the site so you may be best doing a Google search for "Matlab tutorials" this will throw up a few interesting results. If you wish to purchase a version of Matlab (student versions are available for around £60 with valid student ID), the pacakge comes with a decent starters guide to learning both Matlab and Simulink. This may be a option.

As for PSPICE there are plenty of resources, google "PSPICE Users Guide filetype:pdf" for many results.

If you can't find anything from the above, let me know and I'll see if I can dig anything out.