Pspice A/D unknown parameters not fixed!

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    May 21, 2012
    There is a homework; I solve the question and ı have to plot it by using Pspice A/D

    The given parameters are;

    NA = 10^15 cm-3 (Substrate Doping)
    ND = 10^19 cm-3 (Source/Drain Doping)
    NA(sw) = 10^18 cm-3 (Sidewall p+ Doping)
    LM = 2 um (Mask Channel Length)
    LD = 0.25 um (Gate Overlap)
    W = 5 um (Channel Width)
    Y = 10 um (Junction Length)
    xj = 1 um (Junction Depth)
    tox = 45 nm (Gate Oxide Thickness)
    un = 500cm2/V-s (Surface Mobility)
    VTO = 1V (Zero-Bias Threshold Voltage)
    lambda =0.05 V-1 (Channel-Length Modulation)

    and ı found csb cdb and cox ı wrote the code but there is an error as you see

    VDS 1 0 dc 5V
    VGS 2 0 dc 5V
    M1 2 1 0 NMOD NMOS (Level=2 L=1.5U W=5U LD=0.25U AD=3E5 PD=5E-11)
    ERROR -- unknown parameter
    .MODEL NMOD NMOS (KP=3.8350E-21,LAMBDA=0.05,GAMMA=7.5049
    +TOX=45E-9 NSUB=10E15 CJ=1.6118E-19 PHI=0.5794 VTO=1
    +PB=0.8188 CJSW=1.9435E-18)
    .dc VDS 0 5 0.2 VGS 2 5 1

    I tried to fix it but ı could not please help me ı tried to fix it for 4 days.
  2. Darknight7

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    May 21, 2012
    anybody else?
  3. kubeek


    Sep 20, 2005
    Can you tell which parameter is unknown?
    I guess reading the relevant parts of user´s guide and reference manual will answer most of your questions. My guess is that you are using a different level of nmos model, but I never really wrote any analog models, just digital ones.