PSpice 9.1 complete guide

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I'm using PSpice 9.1 student version to design a few electronic circuits. I have started to use pspice again after a few years of studying it at uni, so im struggling a little bit to find everything. Does someone know where could I find a complete guide?

Say I need the following information:

1) I have included pspice 9.2 libraries, but there are hundreds of components and i dnt where everything is. I have tried to find guides or books that explain all libraries and components, but i havnt found anything so far.

2) Apart of this im trying to simulate circuits but i dnt know how to define capacitors and indunctances properly. I've seen that i can edit components' properties, but i dnt know what the labeled variable mean.


but where are we suppose to extract the digikey libraries and database archives?
also my schematics shows no parts in placing parts menu!! why??