PS3 controller Power Supply

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    Jan 14, 2013
    I need a circuit to charge my PS3 controller.I tried the normal 5V o/p cellphone charger (with 1 amp o/p, USB connector). I also tried home made regulated 5V 1 amp Power supply. But none of them charge the PS3 controller. But the controller can be charged from my PS3 & laptop& PC USB ports.One problem I face, when ever I want to charge it, I have keep PS3 or laptop or PC in on condition always. To overcome this I need a separate power supply.The charger sold by SONY is costlier & as a hobbyist I want to construct one for myself.My friend told me that normal 5V chargers can't charge the PS3 controller- b'coz the pin 2 & 3 in the USB holder should be suitably biased. I biased pin 2 with 2.5V & pin 3 with 2.2V. Even then no charging from my home 5V power supply.Can any one help me with a suitable circuit?:(
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    Nov 4, 2011
    This seems to be a common problem -THERE, HERE.

    HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE are some possible solutions.

    Based on all this reading, I'll bet that building your own powersupply would not be a good solution.