ps2 connector data ?

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    Jul 21, 2008
    I am wondering how ps2 connectors for keyboards delimit a logical zero from a logical one.

    For example if I hooked up the ps2 connector pins to a MCU how do I know when the keyboard is sending a one or a zero.

    Basically from the pinout and this

    I know that every time you press a key on the keyboard an 11bit packet of data is send 8 bits of it being the ascii code of the given key pressed.

    But I don't understand what voltage is a logical one and what is a logical zero? What to do with the clock pin / data pin to get the actually 101010010001100 data ...etc

    I know I just connect the ground pin to ground and VCC pin to 5volt dc supply but as for the clock or data pins do I just connect them to two seperate MCU pins...?

    Thanks for any help
    This should be to hard
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