PS Vita Not Charging - Charge Controller?

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I've come seeking educated minds. New to the forum (and new to electronics diagnostics) and hoping someone can give me some guidance with a few issues I have.

Item: PS Vita PCH-1001 - System was said to not turn on. Ended up being the Power Button was stuck on and had drained the battery. I solved that issue and the system works great.

Problem: The only issue I'm stuck with is that the PS Vita will not charge. If the system is off and you plug the charger in, the PS Light will light up orange, flick off after a couple seconds then immediately back on, and will remain on as a solid orange for a minute or two and then go out. When the Vita is on, if it was charging correctly, you would see a little lightning bolt thing in the battery on the interface, but there is no lightning bolt. The plug is getting power but the system is not charging. Charging is being done via standard wall charger.

What I've done so far:

  1. Using a good battery and charger from my own fully functioning PS Vita.
  2. Installed the "bad" battery into my working Vita and fully charged it overnight.
  3. Swapped my functioning Motherboard into the broken Vita and it did charge.
This seems to isolate the issue to something on the main board. I poked around with a multimeter and test light around the charge socket to get readings. I'm not an expert with a multimeter but I believe this stuff is done correctly?

Hi-Res Vita Motherboard Readings Front

Hi-Res Vita Motherboard Readings Rear

Hi-Res Vita "Power Management" Front

Someone on a different forum had mentioned that it sounds like it could be a "Charge Controller"? The PS Vita internal battery is a Sony SP65M Li-Ion 3.7V 2210mAh.

I was able to find this awesome parts list (moved into Google spreadsheet for easier viewing) for the PS Vita which should help identify the type of thing that might be causing the issue, but I don't entirely understand what I'm looking at. The other issue is, depending on the size, location, style etc, I probably won't be able to replace it with only my basic soldering iron.

IHS PS Vita Teardown Component List

Original List Location (for part datasheet URLs)

But I can hope. If someone who is more familiar with circuits can give me some general guidance, that'd be awesome.

This is the only thing on the list that seems like it could be called a charge controller? Haven't found it on the board yet though.

Main PCB, Top, Power Supply, Integrated Circuit, Analog

Texas Instruments - bq27520YZF

Battery Fuel Gauge - System-Side, w/ Integrated LDO, for Single Li-Ion Cell
TI 18A123I, SN27520S1 (Die Marking: BDQ035, M 2009)

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