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I need to keep the cat out of the corner of the room where the guitar is. sometimes he likes to go there and take a ****. I need a circuit idea on how to make a proximity detector that will detect a low lying object, or does anyone have a better idea such as blue lasers. I want to sound a buzzer when he gets within 1-2 feet of the guitar.


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Apparently water pistols work well.
Alternatively you could cut off a corner in a room using an LED, with an LDR filtered only for that colour/frequency. (simple couple of components)
Or getting more advanced,you could flash the LED at a frequency, then use a circuit to filter out everything other than that frequency. (will need a timer circuit and a tuned circuit, or a PIC)
Or more advancd, an ultrasonic range finder might be suitable. (sets can be bought for this, but they are not cheap, not particularly simple)


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Love the vid. You've posted it before, MrChips. Still a great video!
I agree with the conclusion, too. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can't teach a cat s#!t...or where to s#!t.

Good luck with the proximity sensor, johnyboy. You're going to need it. I only hope the cat doesn't leak when the buzzer sounds.


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Consider old-school solutions, such a guitar case to protect the guitar. We use a squirt bottle and a can of pennies to shake really gets their attention also. Sometimes a piece of rug they don't like will keep them away also.

I really don't know if a cat will respond to an alarm. Mine can sleep thru the phone ringing even when they're laying on my blackberry.


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for whatever reasons, my wife tried to vacuum the dog once. He was fearful of the vacuum hose/noise from then on. Maybe find one of your cats fears/dislikes, and place a reminder near your strumming corner.