Providing advice when safety is a possible issue.

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I was bemused by the recent persistence of certain forum members in blithely providing electrical advice to a poster who was potentially placing themselves or others at risk of electrocution or some other catastrophic outcome.

I'm not one to espouse the "nanny state" but I'm conscious of my responsibilities in offering advice to someone who seemingly lacks the technical skill or competency to undertake hazardous electrical work or repairs.

It was fortunate in the most recent episode that a highly respected forum member pressed the point to some extent and gave exemplary practical advice on a safe course of action.


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It is a problem, I'm glad Wookie stepped in when he did. As usual he hit the nail square on the head.

Sometimes it can be tricky, and sometimes it is pretty obvious.

If in doubt, flag the post and ask for moderator judgment. It is one of their jobs. They are very good at it.