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Hello All

He is probably cross with me too with all that happened on the other forum.

My friend is here to prove once again that he is a Forum builder. He has knowledge that most will never attain in their lifetime.

He is a person that wants to share his knowledge with all...

Eric likes to help people. And despite all that has happened...he is still at it.

As proven here where he decided to start again. As a New Member??

Eric is one of a kind. Where else will you find someone who got tossed from a Forum he built....and still wants to help people anyway???

So many things at play here....Eric moderated me there many times. But nicely and no problems ever. Too much of a Gentleman.

And now he is here. And want's to share his knowledge with all here....

I say as a New Member here, Eric can teach all of us something.

Be it decency
Be it knowledge
Be it just being a good person. His Avatar he left on that Website says basically"be true to yourself in whatever you do".

That is what it is all about.

I walk taller than my shadow. No matter the cost.



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I will take advantage of the moderator's privileges to add one more comment to this closed, thread, since I was not online during its lifespan.

As a rule, new accounts get a clean slate in AAC. This holds true even for banned trolls who show up with new accounts and the same IP.
People don't change that fast; if one's delinquent actions lead him to banning, the same will happen to his next account. If someone does make an 180 deg turn and shows a completely new face, then that's all the better.

That said, existing members don't have to comment positively or negatively, in favour or against recent ETO "immigrants". Their past actions don't count here. Everyone will be judged by their behaviour in the AAC forums and by nothing else.
We don't care about what happened to ETO or any other corner of the internet.
Not open for further replies.