Prototipe of The Intelligent Car

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    Nov 24, 2007
    Hi All, I am on a project called the intelligent car, it consists of 3 modules:
    The Motion System
    The Recognition System
    The Intelligence System.

    The motion system will consist, in a simple DC motor motion controlled by a Microcontroller or PLD.

    The Recogntion System will consist in Proximity detector and a vision system. This vision system is a difficult system it involves Pattern Recogntion with Neural Networks and some DSP procedures.

    The intelligence system will need some State Machines and also i can use Desicion Neural Networks:
    Hopfield Neural Network
    ART Neural Network

    being all different and with different properties althought for this project i will need a powerful

    processor, i have heard about DSP's Microcontrollers , Wich other may i use? Regards.