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When I use Google to search for "Proteus", I get many thousands of pages returned - and they are all different.

It would help a great deal to know what this "Proteus" is that you are using, like where you got it from, or who built it (if it's hardware) or who wrote it (if it's software.)

Right now, I have absolutely no idea how to help you except ask you more questions.

Also, what is the LCD that you are trying to drive? Who made it, what is it's part number, do you have a schematic of what you have done to it so far, and are you absolutely certain that all the connections you've made to it are correct?

LCD's can require a somewhat complex sequence of initialization commands, and they must have timed intervals between the commands - or else the LCD will remain "stupid"; ie: asleep, not work, no display. But until you tell us what controller the LCD you have is using, there is nothing we can do for you.

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Uh, Proteus is a imitative software, with it I can test my circuits before apply it.
I used LM032L (LCD) and at89C51
please help me solve this problem