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    Mar 11, 2009
    I am using two latching relays in an automotive application. The coils are rated for 12vdc and 25mA. Im wondering if it is okay to power the coils with the standard 12V electrical system or If I need to lower the amperage. SP2-L2-DC12V That is the part number. Also I'm wondering if someone can give ma a basic run down of the pinout. I know charging pins 1 and 2 sets it and 3 and 4 reset it. (or vice-versa) If I charge pins 1 and 2 that should close pins 6 & 5 and 9 & 8 and charging pins 3 and 4 will close 6 & 7 and 9 & 10. Right? It acts a two pole i think. if thats the case all I care about is 4, 5, and 6.
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    Apr 20, 2004
    A load - in this case your latching coils - will only use the power it needs. No need for concern about the power as long as it is nominally 12 volts. It's only a momentary application to switch, anyway.

    Googling the part number will take you to several sites where you can download the datasheet.
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    I talked to digikey rep who talked to his rep at panasonic who said that same thing but he was worried about the contacts handeling 15 amps as that it the fuse rating. I'm talking about the load now. I would say with everything in my truck running it could be possible to reach 10 amps probley not much higher than that cause the low power alarm on my light bar would go off. (no the light bar dosent go through the relay. It is hard wired)