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Background: See "background" this thread:

Purpose: The purpose of this thread is to call for help in proofreading updated chapters, and provide a place to post errors found by proofreaders in Volume 3, Semiconductors, Chapter 2, "SOLID-STATE DEVICE THEORY". We have already recieved offers of help. This is the place to post errors that you find.

I have run the text through a spell checker, and diction which help with common grammer mistakes. What remains is the hard to find errors.

Chapter 2 has about doubled in size. To get an Idea of what has been added check Volume 3, Ch2 at AAC for topics listed in the TOC, but no text-- what we have been getting complaints about. The missing sections that Tony Kuphaldt had outlined in the TOC are now complete in CH 2. And, we need your help in finding errors.

All captions on the figures are new, as in other chapters. There are links in the text to the captioned figures. Though, I have tested them, I usually find a few dead ones that I missed. Try a few. If you find some that don't work like the others, let us know. A common error with these is "above vs below"-- won't make sense until you look at the links to figures.

At the end of some paragraphs there are square-bracketed links (references) to the Bibliograhy page. Clicking these should take you to the reference. I don't think there is anything wrong with these; but, who knows?

Note: the arrows (images) at top and bottom of the page, which are links to other pages generally do not work because only Ch1, Ch2, bibliography, contrib.html are in the test directory. (You can go between Ch1 an CH2.) All the other chapters were removed from this test environment. Don't report these dead arrow links.

There is much new material in CH2. So, I would expect errors. Besides looking for typo's, you might look for errors of fact if you are an expert in some of the new topics added.

You can find the new Ch2 at

Please post any errors that you find here to this thread

For an example of an error submission see this link

Once we get the error out with your help, the new chapter 2 will be brought online at AAC.

Last, there is a contributor page at:
No real reason to go there unless you have submitted an error and we have added you to the list-- to check accuracy of entry.

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For those willing to some form of proof reading, please be aware that you do not have to proof read the whole chapter. If you wish to proof read a small section, i.e. a sub-chapter say from topic header to the review section for that topic, please feel free to do so then post up that you have proof read this section.

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