Projects with around 50 components?

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    Hi, I'm looking for a project that involves a relatively high component count. Around 50 components would be ideal. I've been searching from multiple sources but most projects tend to be designed to use as few components as possible, which is very understandable. It would help if the project is not prohibitively complex.

    I was told to look into amplifiers as they should be composed of simple components such as capacitors, but most of them have a low component count.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    Thanks for your replies. The clock seems a little bit of an overkill for a ~50 component project :D, and it seems expensive too.

    I'll give the Leach Super Amp a look. If you have any more suggestions please let me know.
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    You asked for more suggestions.

    Heres one to demonstrate a very simple logic gate, that's used in computers.

    A DATA register, very simple concept, but has quite a few components.

    The way it works, if you close the DATA input switch and hold it down, and then at the same time close the clock input switch then the LED 1 will light up and when you let go of the switches the LED 1 will remain on.

    Then if you do not close the DATA input switch, but only close the CLOCK input switch then the LED 1 will shut off and the LED 2 will be lit on. Again this LED 2 will remain on until you hit the data switch and clock switch again.

    This is a basic computer volatile memory circuit.

    It works from 5v. up to 12v.

    A good 9v. battery can run this efficiently.

    DATA FF.jpg
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