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hi folks...this is my first post here n on ny forum on net.....i m an electrical engineering student....i hav to make a term project using 89S52.....the project has one month time which starts from tomorrow....its not actually one month coz i hav 4 other subjects to study but still.....plz give me some new ideas regarding this...i hav LCD thermometer in my mind but m not sure whether it can be made in one month.......n i really like to make something good n worthwhile for apllications in pratical life...i hope i get a good response
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An LCD thermometer would seem to be a practical first project. One month is not an unreasonable time period provided you are already comfortable with programming the AT89S52 and you already have access to the development hardware and the software compiler tools you will need. If you have the choice to program using C-language then I would suggest you take that approach.

I would not put off starting this project if you want to finish the project on time. The motto I use is "Rush to Failure". This basically means that by starting early you will hit the inevitable snags earlier and thus have more time to solve them and move on.



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You omit to state what other, if any, hardware you have access to. It is a common undergraduate project to use thermometers and microcontrollers to gain a grounding in software and hardware design.

I would recommend looking at using the microcontroller to log some data from the thermometer and maybe look at displaying the information on an LCD display (if you have access to one) or LEDs, for example as a current temperature and maybe a series of graphs displaying temperatures over a time series (obviously only if you have access to the LCD display!) . It doesn't have to be posh, but there is a good demonstration of skills, for example showing that you can configure the microcontroller to receive the data (i.e. through the ADC), to process the received data in an appropriate fashion (i.e. loging the data in memory for later retrieval) and finally to output the data to a display.

This maybe beyond your capabilities due to available components and hardware, but during my undergrad we did a similar project to that described above, however it required quite extensive hardware design to operate a fully touch screen PDA, in under 10 weeks (2 and half months) including report writing and presentations.