Projects for newbies

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I was hoping somebody could direct me to a good source for newbie projects......


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Google, there are literally thousands of projects out there, websites such as instructables even have full plans.


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If you are totally new, videos may help you out more than just schematics. For that, I'd point you to Instructables, Also, read the e-book here, accessed via the bar at the very top, start with Vol 1 - DC and go through it. If you are new/bored by the book, alternate reading it with watching some videos.

You need to learn the basics, which are covered in the book, you also need to learn soldering or breadboarding, which are covered in videos. So a few weeks of looking at different videos and books, you'll be ready for a project.

Warning: Instructables tends to go on "binges", where a ton of variations of the same simple circuit are made and posted, so you need to sort through them for the best written one. They also have an unhealthy fetish to include Lego blocks into everything. :D


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There is also Volume 6 of the AAC textbook. Look at the top of this page to see the links, this site uses a textbook at its core.


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A good Power Supply kit is what I started with. I got Elenco XP-720-K and assembled it from the kit. A very good learning experience that will give you a usable piece of shop equipment that should las a long long time for the normal hobbyist. I plan to branch to microcontrolers so I need lots of 5VDC as well as variable voltages for experiments with IGBT 's and MOSFETS's. I think I found the kit at Carls for 49 or 59 bucks, it was 99.00 assembled for you. Worth a look if you are ready, and the instructions are very thorough and complete, mine worked first try.