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    Jun 5, 2012
    i am doing rf based marks announcing system as my mini-project.... i really need your assistance..... it job is that it displays our marks, which are entered through the transmitter board and receiver will directly display the entered marks in its lcd display....the circuit consists of transmitter and receiver.... in the transmitter there is a transformer which is connected to the power supply board which is connected to the 8051 micro controller and which in turn is connected to another board which has an encoder (ht12e) and rf antenna and the receiver board also has a similar set up the transformer is connected to the power supply board which in turn to the decoder(ht12d) and then to the 8051 m.c which has an lcd display... this is the basic structure... i have dumped the code into the 8051 m.c and now the entire circuit is working... i've connected a max232 to the receiver circuit so that i can enter the marks using the computer.... now my problem is that i've done this whole thing seeing a manual in the net and now i am not able to know exactly how the circuit is working.... i need your assistance in this..... please kindly reply....
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    and you think we can explain it without seeing the manual?