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    Jan 13, 2011
    hello every body i am student in electronic and i have been given a project in which a have to create a device that measure reaction time.

    we have to use assembly language which i am not familiar with, but i am learning at moment. i have came up with an intial idea where i have 8LED's and an LCD connected to a Microcontroller. the LCD will start counting a the same time the first LED light up. the design part is not hard and shouldn't take any long but with the assembly language i have not idea where to start from.

    do guys have any idea, can you suggest me something

    thank you
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    Jan 18, 2008
    There are different types of reaction time. What you describe is sort of like a reflex time. That is, the subject knows ahead of time what response is needed in reaction to a specific stimulus. That measure has some usefulness, but not much.

    A different type of reaction would be one in which the reaction requires analysis. A real life example would be a tire blow out in a car. In that case reaction time requires analysis of the problem, analysis of possible actions, selection of the best option, and action. Reaction times in that case are quite lengthy compared to the former situation. But knowledge of those times can be quite useful in developing safer equipment and better training procedures.

    In a lab situation, perfect simulation of the second type of reaction time would be very difficult, if not impossible, but I would recommend that you try to incorporate that concept in your project. For example, you could show 5 lights and depending on the number lit and/or pattern, the subject would have to perform different functions. In a simple form, the subject would simply have to turn out only the lights that were lit using numbered buttons corresponding to a number on the light.

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    Jan 13, 2011
    thanks this is something that i was not aware of and i will definitely take into account.
    the PIC micrcontroller i am using is the Atmel 89S52, the output of this pic is connected to the LCD as well as the LED's. the PIC has at the input to switch on/off. the user will initially turn on and will wait till the led comes on but there is a waiting time in which one by one of the LED'd lit but not all of them at the same time which is the require level that the user can press the stop botton. i want the LED's and timer to run at the same time so if the user press stop then both stop.
    how can i implement that into assembly language? is it hard?
    i have initially done the program using VHDL language but it is not advised to use as the cost to build the ROM logic device is a bit over the budget tha we have been provided( £70).
    so i have changed the design and i am trying to program using assembly language. how langue do you guys thing it will take me.
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    Jan 13, 2011
    hello every one, i am building and designing a device that can measure human reaction. i have completed the hardware part. for the software side i have to display on my LCD a little message such as " hello welcome to the RTM game" as a default program that appear as soon as the device is powered. i am using an 89S52 familly of the 8051. when i compiled my program and it is not showing any error but when i tried to step in to follow how the instruction are executed it get stacked in between instruction and does not return back. i tried to find what could cause that. i am using a READS51 v3 toolchain.
    i have attached the code, could someone help me please.........
    i kept going on and on but cannot seem to be finding the fault
    the part i have highlighted is where the loop is stacked don't know why
    can you guys help me
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    Melano, your reaction time is very slow. You responded to a thread that went quiet 5 months ago.