Project: Wireless Field Goal Kicker

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First off i wanted to say hello and i am new here. My friend just told me about it and said i might be able to get help here.

The project i am doing is a small scale size of a field goal kicker. The field will be about 3 feet long and one field goal at the end. I plan on using a wireless transmitter and receiver to trigger a solenoid that will kick the ball through a field goal. The goal will have motion sensors on it and they will trigger some LED's and/or sound. The main problem i am having is finding what kind of sensors to use, active or passive, then what kind would i use after that. I want it to cover the whole field goal but it would need to be hidden or not out of place. I have never worked with motion sensors so i do not know much, i don't even know how i would set it up.The goal will be about a foot big, from top to bottom.

Thank you and any help on this problem would be great, i can add more information if needed.