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    Aug 23, 2010
    Hi everyone, am a newb here. pls could someone help me identify the five terminals in a variable coil. am building fm receiver for my project using TDA7000. the problem is that it doesnt receive any station despite the fact that there is fm noise. i think my problem is that of the variable coil and varicap. the one i saw in the market may not b ok. another problem is i dont even know whether these part are working or not. Pls i need help urgently as my project defence at hand.
  2. judpraise

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    Aug 23, 2010
    I need help here. the 3 pin variable capacitor for tuning? what are the pin configuration. i want to sure i used it well in fm receiver, because it not working. i will like to know more about this components that have too many pin and how to use them, especially in RF
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    The TDA7000 has not been made for many years. It had very poor FM radio performance.
    The TDA7000 was replaced by the TDA7088 that "scans" for a station and it also has terrible performance. I can buy a "radio" for $1.00 at The Dollar Store that has a TDA7088 IC in it.