project using pic16F690,max232 and 2 x 16 LCD

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    I am new to this forum and just started studying electronics gotta project to build system that takes a message from a PC unit and then sends the message to a PIC and then displays the message on an LCD using pic16F690,max232 and 2 x 16 LCD
    Project includes
    1) develop a wiring diagram that connects a PIC to a LCD display
    2)develop a program that displays a message on a LCD when button RA1 is pressed.
    4) download this program to the PIC micro-controller, test the program.
    5) develop wiring diagrams to connect the PIC to a PC and convert the PC voltage levels to PIC based voltage levels using a MAX232C chip.
    6) develop a program that receives a message through the PIC RS232c communication port when button RA2 is pressed (a sample program will be supplied) (you can use hyper terminal to test this program).
    7) develop wiring diagrams to connect the PC to a PIC and convert the PC voltage levels to PIC based voltage levels using a MAX232C chip.
    8)connect the PIC to the PC and display a PC information on the LCD display

    I built the circuit and it works fine with computer. I am having trouble to connect LCD to pic16F690. my MPLAB codes are given below. I just compiled it and it works. don't know much about coding.
    * LCD interface example
    * This code will interface to a standard LCD controller
    * like the Hitachi HD44780. It uses it in 4 bit mode, with
    * the hardware connected as follows (the standard 14 pin
    * LCD connector is used):
    * PORTC bits 0-3 are connected to the LCD data bits 4-7 (high nibble)
    * PORTA bit 2 is connected to the LCD RS input (register select)
    * RW input (read/write) connected to ground
    * PORTA bit 1 is connected to the LCD EN bit (enable)
    * To use these routines, set up the port I/O (TRISA, TRISD) then
    * call lcd_init(), then other routines as required.

    #define _LEGACY_HEADERS //Added for compiler versions 9.81+
    #include <htc.h>
    #include "lcd.h"
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include "usart.h"
    void pause( unsigned short usvalue ); //Establish pause routine function
    unsigned char b0,input,count;
    #define number 0x30
    void main(void)
    ANSEL = 0; // Set PORTA all Digital
    ANSELH = 0;
    CM1CON0 = 0; // Comparator 1 off
    CM2CON0 = 0; // Comparator 2 off

    TRISA = 0; // All PORTA Outputs
    TRISC = 0; // All PORTC Outputs

    lcd_init(); // Initialize LCD Display
    INTCON=0; // purpose of disabling the interrupts.
    init_comms(); // set up the USART - settings defined in usart.h
    // running LCD

    while (1==1)
    lcd_clear(); // Clear LCD screen
    lcd_goto(0); // select first line

    for (b0=0; b0<10; b0=b0+1) // Create counting loop
    lcd_putch(b0+number); // Display count on LCD
    pause (250); // Delay 250 msec to see count
    lcd_goto(0x40); // Select second line

    lcd_puts("Hello World"); // Display Hello World
    pause (1000); // Delay for 1 second to read display

    for (count = 0x31; count <= 0x39; count = count +1)
    putch(count); // Send Count in ASCII
    input = getch(); // Read a response from the user
    putch(input); // Echo back response
    printf("Press a key and I will echo it back:\r\n");
    input = getch(); // read a response from the user
    printf("I detected [%c]\r\n",input); // echo it back
    Could you help me out please.
    Thank You.
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