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    Oct 30, 2004
    Hi guys,

    it's my first time in this forum and I bump into it while I was looking for some information on the net about how to calculate all the parameters for an NMOS working in linearity in a low dorpout linear voltage regulator.

    In particular I am having trouble with gate to source voltage and drain to source current because I don't know which parameter I have to use to calculate it.

    I try to explain better. The Ids is given by K*(Vgs-Vth)Vds-((Vds^2)/2)) and K is given by mu*Cox*(W/L).
    Well I have only Ids and Vds and I need to calculate Vgs but I don't know how I can find K.

    Somebody might help me? I am seriously in trouble!

    Thanks in advance to all for your patience to me!