Project needing guidance (I am a beginner and need help!)

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    if I am here today, it's because I have no experience with batteries and I really need your help so I don't hurt myself or die in a horrible way. I am currently working on a project that is truly awesome and will require me to use multiple LEDs on a costume so it has to be portable. So I tried going on the internet and find a solution but I found that to be difficult since I have to use about 32 x 5mm LEDs and no small amount of AA or D batteries are going to be sufficient. (By the way, 4 of them are UV LED)

    I went to a LED store that ''helped me'' although I have a feeling the guy did not really put any care into getting me what I needed since he usually deals with 10K $ and more each transactions and mine was only 200$. So, to power this baby, he gave me a 12v18ah Lead-Calcium battery, telling me that this is what I needed to power that many LEDs for an extended amount of time without my power diminishing as time goes by and my battery slowly dies. He somehow made a calculation without really telling me the specs of the LEDs (which look like very regular 5mm LEDs...) He also specified that my LEDs should be wired in series of 4 at a time to protect them. I asked if I needed resistors but he told me no.

    Now, I went online to get some safety tips just to make sure I am not doing something incredibly stupid and I stumbled on some very scary stuff about exploding batteries with severe acid burn, something about charging the battery creating a dangerous gaz and such. I know I have a charger that is meant to not over-charge my battery but for some reason, I am now terrified of what I have bought and I need the precious advice of knowledgeable people to ensure I do this right (if I still do it at all) and don't get myself killed or severely wounded.

    My Concerns Are :

    -Is me wearing a battery like this one, strapped to my back, dangerous?
    -What are the chances of my battery blowing up or leaking?
    -How do I prevent that?
    -Since this battery is going to be strapped to me, could my movement make the battery leak acid on me?
    -During the charge, I read that the battery could leak gaz and thusly, needs to be in an open space. Can I charge it underneath my kitchen's hut? Because I have no room outside my house since it's winter and I have no garage.
    -(Confirm with me) Is the proper sequence for plugging my battery + first then - and the other way around for unplugging?

    Also, here is a plan that I have made. If you find anything that makes no sense, know that I have very little knowledge and it is highly likely that there are things that could need changing and I will appreciate your every feedbacks.

    Thank you very much
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    This very much depends on the details of the battery, which you have not given. That said, I doubt that the danger is high, especially if you do not wear it while charging.
    A lead acid battery can generate hydrogen during charging, and thus presents a risk in an enclosed space. But the solution to pollution is dilution. You need a big battery with no ventilation to create a significant risk. Again, your battery may not be gasser.
    Doesn't matter.