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Im having an oppurtunity to do a project at the nuclear fuel complex(INDIA).
What oppurtunities could i have as an electronics student over there.. like which kind of projects and the facilities kinda ?
thanks in advance :)

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I was working for several years on nuclear projects in Canada and Korea. as with any large scale projects there is plenty of work in many disciplines.

on Candu reactors (India uses them too, perhaps other types too) refuelling can be done while reactor is running so refuelling is routine, but like with anything nuclear, things that are high priority are minimizing exposure (keeping radiation dose minimal). this means performing majority of tasks remotely, using automated tools.

much more work is building new plant. most reactors are designed for ~25 year life and it turns out many are close to their design limit. original plan was to entomb them in concrete when they are used up and then just build another one. but building new reactor is expensive (i've heard figures like $11B) while refurbishment is only about 10% of that cost since much of support systems can be reused. therefore some companies took hard look at this and decided to rebuild/refurbish reactors. this will keep many people busy for years. for most of them it means moving from site to site every year or so (that is duration of project for single reactor, most plants have several).