Project ideas for LI batteries

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by tracecom, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Apr 16, 2010
    I recently bought some Symbol Universal Battery Charger equipment at a factory liquidation sale because it seemed cool and I thought I might resell it and make a few bucks. There was no interest on e-Bay, so now I'm looking for creative ways to use it in a project.

    I have four power supplies with input and output cables, eight battery adapters, and eight batteries. The batteries are all lithium ion 3.7v; I put the batteries in the adapters, inserted the adapters in the charger, and plugged the charger power supplies in a 120vac wall outlet. The indicators lit up indicating that the batteries were charging, and three hours later, the ready indicators were lit for all eight batteries, so it seems the units are functional.

    Obviously, the power supplies are usable as is, but does anyone have any creative ideas for the batteries?
  2. Potato Pudding

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    Jun 11, 2010
    Batteries for Symbol (Motorola) PDT 8146 Barcode Scanning Portable Inventory Checking Computers and the chargers to go with the batteries?

    If you don't think you will find anyone who wants replacement batteries and chargers for their old (discontinued model) scanners then you might want to find the scanners that go with the batteries. Scanners go for $500 to $2000 new. If you find some old ones that can be refurbished cheap then you might have an better Ebay deal.

    If you just want to find a way to play with them, then maybe you could use the batteries for powering another project. I would suggest that small computing and data collection projects would be the best use.

    Now that you have put an initial charge on the batteires their clock is running and they won't have the shelf life to wait forever until you find a use for them.

    I am not sure how true it is but I have heard and belive that if they are just going to be stored then batteries that have never been charged could last about 10 more years before they went totally dead compared to charged batteries. You might think about that if you had more batteries that you haven't tested on the charger yet.
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Thanks for the input. The batteries were already used (like all the equipment that I bought) so no real damage done there. It was a liquidation sale on a factory that closed. Apparently the factory used bar code scanners, but no scanners were there when I bought these batteries and chargers. I bought the stuff cheap, so no real harm done.